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ALGERIA EXIM CONSULTING ® specializes in trade & investment consulting, training, and certifications in the field of international trade (Import & Export).

ALGERIA EXIM CONSULTING ® – is a company that operates under Algerian Law and Legislation. It was created to meet a pressing and growing need of investors, both foreign and domestic. Our head office is in Bou-Ismail, Wilaya de Tipaza. The company is a cooperation of Algerian and foreign partners in the field of Import-Export forming an economic entity.

ALGERIA EXIM CONSULTING® plays an important role in facilitating intra-trade between countries of the African continent by providing accompaniments and advice in the economic operators specialized in the field of Import-Export and Investment in key sectors.

ALGERIA EXIM CONSULTING®’s objective is to create synergy between Algeria and African countries in the field of trade and investment, under the leadership of its experts and collaborators in Africa. The goal is to provide high level of expertise that helps in the development of trade, Import and Export, wealth creation, joint ventures, and technical and economical skills in this vital geographic region.